Data Protection Management System

Data protection – i.e. the protection of personal data and the associated personal rights – is absolutely essential in Europe. Failure to comply with these regulations could lead to severe penalties.

Who needs our service?

The General Data Protection Regulation applies to practically every company and institution in Europe. Companies outside the European judicial area that want to do business within Europe and process personal data must also comply with the rules set out in the GDPR.

As virtually all data processing activities involves such data, practically everyone (outside the private domain) is affected.

Our team of highly qualified lawyers and computer scientists has been providing advice and support as an external data protection officer or consultant for over 20 years! Nationally, internationally, across industries, for hundreds of individual companies, government agencies or corporations, still including our very first client.



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Specialised lawyers

Data protection in implementation is naturally also a technical issue. With penalties of up to 4% of a corporation’s annual turnover, the legal side and judicial implications are better left to lawyers – who, of course, work together with our team of AOS computer scientists.

Efficient service

We currently offer our services to hundreds of clients – primarily as an external DPO, and sometimes with a consulting mandate.
This allows us to pass on as much of our experience and knowledge as possible to as many clients as possible because we deal with most issues many times for many clients and not for just for one single client.

Range of data protection services

  • Company and public data protection officer: working as an external data protection officer is one of our main areas of activity, where we now have 20 years of experience with more than 100 corporate clients of all sizes.
  • We are also happy to support and advise your company’s data protection officer, prepare or review data protection concepts, carry out data protection assessments or offer training courses and workshops. We also help you with setting up a GDPR-compliant data protection management system (DMS or DSMS).
  • Certification of data protection management systems with the ADCERT Privacy Seal also forms part of our service portfolio.
  • Our service is also, and especially, aimed at institutions in the EU as well as international companies that are subject to the GDPR or other data protection legislation.
  • Representation according to Art. 27 (1) of the GDPR for companies outside the EU that offer products and services within the EU.

We can draw up a custom-made quote for you based on our many years of experience, our knowledge of the current state of technology and data protection legislation, plus our view of data protection in conjunction with information security management. We have been working for companies and public authorities in the field of data protection since 1996. In addition, we are also familiar with international requirements that play a role in the likes of international corporations or worldwide web services. Our data protection team has undergone sound training in data protection legislation and continuously takes part in further education. All our consultants have many years of experience in the field of data protection.
We are extremely familiar with practical data protection – e.g. from social data processing for health insurance funds and associations of statutory health insurance physicians, industry, IT services, the energy industry, host and service provision, tax consultancy, human resources, public utilities, the hotel industry, medical data processing and the financial services sector. Our special support model means we can offer an affordable service throughout the whole of Germany. For you, too – if you’ll let us.

We want to make your data protection operations better! We believe that this means your clients and employees will continue to confidently entrust you with their data, also in the future. In this respect, we work on implementing the data protection regulations for our clients in a solution-oriented, practical way. We do data protection! Customised for your company.

In the context of our services, we usually agree on a monthly all-inclusive flat rate that fully covers ongoing support of your company in all issues relating to data protection. When we start our work, we also take stock within your company – documenting the current status and recommending solutions.






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