Emergency Response

If a security incident occurs, an immediate response (24/7) to the failure or suspected security incident is initiated to minimize further risks as a result of the incident.

Emergency response – swift support for specific security incidents

A security incident can occur at any time – despite preventive measures, careful operation or specific redundancy measures. A security incident could be the failure or impairment of business-related communication links due to errors in central IT security systems, or the result of a cyber attack. In this situation, swift support is vital to preventing or containing the damage.



Immediate help from the experts – around the clock

Support from highly qualified IT security experts with many years of experience

Damage minimisation

Containing damage by taking appropriate emergency measures

That extra something that makes service superb

Selective improvement of agreed standard SLAs with a binding clear cost structure

Emergency response ​

Swift support for specific security incidents


  • 24/7 on-call service over a dedicated emergency phone number
  • Direct access to experienced, certified experts
  • Immediate, appropriate response to incidents and problems (attacks, disruption, failure)
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