Managed Antivirus

If your IT infrastructure is infected by viruses, business processes grind to a halt. Data is destroyed or operations come to a complete standstill. Malicious ransomware can block your files and will only release them after you pay a ransom.

Who is it suitable for?

Managed antivirus is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized environments and for all companies that don’t employ their own security specialists.

What’s more, it’s ideal for dynamic environments with fluctuating user numbers thanks to maximum licensing flexibility.

Antivirus programs are your corporate IT’s protective shield. They defend against computer viruses and malware, keep insidious files away from your IT facilities or neutralize them – provided that professional maintenance is carried out.

Our managed antivirus proactively meets the highest security requirements. This allows us to continuously monitor and update your antivirus programs, fend off attacks and configure the protection settings to guarantee maximum security.



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    Maximum protection

    Maximum, up-to-date IT infrastructure protection, constant monitoring by competent Keynet personnel, continuous protection against current and future ransomware

    All-round service

    Continuous device monitoring, proactive running and maintenance of the antivirus solution, 24/7 monitoring incl. alerting, monthly reporting

    Maximum flexibility

    No purchased licences; upgrades or downgrades can be requested on a monthly basis

    Our services consist of:

    License per client

    Windows, Windows Server, macOS

    Continuous device monitoring
    Monthly email-based reporting to the client

    status of the clients and any virus infestation

    Proactive running and maintenance of the antivirus infrastructure
    24/7 monitoring

    Keynet Support is alerted in the event of danger

    *Response from 8 am to 5 pm; extension possible

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    The Kaspersky portfolio encompasses solutions to suit a wide range of customers. It covers all the cybersecurity needs of major organisations with its complete business platform, which helps prevent all types of cyber threats, detects even the most complex attacks, reacts to security incidents and predicts the threat landscape. In recognition of the needs of smaller organisations, it has developed a unique, multi-layer solution that is easy to manage and provides effective protection. Kaspersky also offers home customers a series of products to protect their privacy, money and other valuable assets.


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