Private and hybrid cloud infrastructures

Standardisation and consolidation are the core elements of today’s modern, effective IT. The introduction of cloud computing to companies and public authorities is another key step here.

An individual, successful path to the cloud

We support our customers on their individual path towards the cloud. That path may lead towards a private cloud infrastructure, or perhaps a hybrid solution. In every case, we work with our customers to address the relevant issues – technological or process-related – along this path, as well as the organisation and the legal framework. In everything we do, we focus on ensuring that IT is there for people, and not the other way round.

In companies and public authorities, effective and efficient IT is the key to economic success, or the speedy fulfilment of official business. This makes it an attractive offer for all companies and public authorities that want to take the next step towards optimising their IT infrastructures and IT organisation through cloud computing. Every path towards the cloud is as unique as the requirements and must be navigated with the appropriate care. We apply our broad expertise to offer support in this area.



Increasing efficiency in IT

Mastering future IT challenges through the introduction of cloud computing

The best of both worlds

A path towards cloud computing that matches the customer’s requirements (purely private cloud or hybrid cloud solutions) creates individual added value.

Increasing agility

Reducing IT reaction speed for new specialist requirements, which also speeds up the implementation/introduction of new procedures/services or changes

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