CryptoPro Secure Disk

As a rule, the value of the information saved on your laptop far exceeds the value of the laptop itself – protect your mobile devices with our hard drive encryption solution.

Which businesses and organisations would benefit
from our hard drive encryption solution?

Secure Disk for BitLocker can be used in a wide range of sectors, by businesses large and small.



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    Complete protection for mobile devices

    In the event that your device is stolen, your data remains protected at all times

    Enhancement of the hard drive encryption included in the operating system

    Available for integration into BitLocker or as a standalone solution

    No additional sign-on to the operating system required

    The user signs on just once, when starting up the device

    Encrypt hard drives with CryptoPro Secure Disk

    Our extension for BitLocker

    CryptoPro Secure Disk for BitLocker extends the functionality of Microsoft BitLocker with its own Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA), enabling the use of established authentication methods (for example, user ID/password, smartcard/PIN and biometrics) and multi-user operation. Hard drive encryption and the recovery mechanisms are realised with Microsoft BitLocker, while user authentication and the help desk mechanism are handled by CryptoPro Secure Disk for BitLocker. A role-based management interface allows central administration and policy mapping. This ideal combination of both technologies gives you the option of implementing a secure and administrable solution, and without the use of TPM+PIN.

    Pre-Boot Authentication for Microsoft BitLocker

    Windows-integrated BitLocker Drive Encryption is becoming increasingly established as the de facto standard for the encryption of notebooks and desktops.

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    Key capabilities of our hard drive encryption solution

    • Thanks to encryption of the complete device
    • Additional safeguard via key on smartcard
    • Data remains confidential even if device is stolen or lost
    • Fixes vulnerabilities effectively and transparently in your BitLocker environment
    • Can also be used independently of BitLocker
    • No opportunity to bypass the system
    • Through central management and automatic distribution
    • No effort required on the part of the user
    • No additional sign-on to the operating system required
    • No changes to your business network, thanks to Friendly Network Mode
    • Adaptable role separation in administration
    • Central setting and implementation of security level

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