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The fideAS® health product family complies with the principles governing electronic data transfer as set out in Art. 95 SGB IV, and as such is suitable both for exchanging data with health insurers and for a variety of other reporting procedures (e.g. employers, care providers, payment offices).

Which businesses and organisations would benefit
from fideAS® health?

fideAS® health ensures a secure exchange of data between employers and care providers in the healthcare and social services sectors.



Interpretation based on legal principles governing electronic data transfer

Enables standardisation of data exchange between social security agencies

More than 20 years’ experience in the German healthcare sector

In-depth expertise and sector knowledge of regulatory reporting

Scalable to match your performance requirements

Economic and efficient

Data exchange between employers and care providers
with fideAS® health

Every month, employers and care providers in the healthcare and social services sectors exchange millions of items of reporting data with health insurers and pension providers. 

Electronic data exchange is not only quick, convenient and economical, but is also required by law in certain areas; for example, in payment office procedures, social security settlements and the exchange of data with employers regarding benefits and allowances (EEL). Strict compliance with the guidelines of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds (GKV-Spitzenverband) on the exchange of data in the healthcare and social security sectors is required.

Billing data and other information can be exchanged conveniently over the internet. fideAS® health helps you to transfer your data simply and securely to the statutory health insurers. You generate the reporting files with a specialist application (HR or accounting software) or a similar product. You then encrypt, sign and transfer the data to the health insurer’s office by email with fideAS® health. Sending the information via the internet means that no paperwork is involved, postage costs are reduced and the exchange of information is faster.

Overview of the fideAS® health product family

  • High-performance solution for exchanging data
  • Automated, customised, central service
  • Easily integrated into existing processes
  • High-performance solution for exchanging large volumes of data
  • Easily integrated into existing processes
  • Automated, customised, central service
  • LDAP connection
  • Program library for integrating data exchange into in-house software
  • interfaces

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