fideAS® sign

Our digital signature saves you time and money – by simplifying and accelerating processes with the aid of electronic signatures.

Which businesses and organisations would benefit
from our digital signature?

fideAS® sign is used wherever workflows are found, i.e. everywhere.

Approval processes
Document release
Approval of holiday applications
Appointment of new employees
Project release
Budget release
Customer service follow-up
Decision processes

The “Premium” option offers even better availability thanks to redundant Citrix XenApp servers.

The operation of your applications is also taken care of:
Application and database servers customized to your requirements are available on request.
Of course, your data is also automatically backed up on the servers.



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    Your benefits when using fideAS® sign

    Replacing handwritten signatures

    Full electronic mapping of all workflow and release processes

    Reduced costs and workloads

    Through faster processes and lower resource requirements

    Simple validity check for signature

    Directly in the PDF or automated via a verification app

    Digital signatures as a process in your IT infrastructure

    fideAS® sign – safeguarding authenticity and integrity.

    The flexible configuration of the batch architecture allows simple, focused integration of fideAS® sign into your business programs and processes. The eIDAS-compliant qualified electronic signature ensures that your documents are legally valid within the EU, and the signature is treated as equivalent to a signature on paper. This gives your qualified electronic signature significantly greater scope of validity than the previous German Digital Signature Act (SigG).

    Authenticity and integrity

    • Signatures that are simple to check and verify against the signer’s public key
    • Clear assignment of the signature to a specific individual or company
    • Protection against forgery, provided the private key is appropriately safeguarded
    Swiss IT Security Group

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    Key capabilities of our digital signature solution

    • German signature cloud for immediate use without separate installation>
    • fideAS® sign for integration into applications of your choice
    • DocuSign® Appliance for large environments and high numbers of signatures
    • Intuitive and easy to grasp
    • No more ‘print, sign, scan and send’
    • No modification of established processes required
    • Saves time and resources from day one
    • Map release dependencies to suit your needs with multiple signature requirement
    • Seamless integration into your infrastructure
    • Automated signature verification without manual input
    • Flexible configuration of the signature format (PDF or CMS, embedded or detached)
    • Supports all relevant standards and environments, e.g. OCSP or Microsoft® SharePoint®
    • Free choice of key media, including integrated PKI on request

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    Applied Security GmbH (known as ‘apsec’ for short) is one of Germany’s top 15 companies in the field of information security. apsec’s proprietary software products and consultancy services ensure all-round protection for your business.

    Trust forms the foundation of a successful collaborative relationship. apsec’s professionalism, reliability and transparency has earned the company the trust of all of its clients. These are the qualities that are the basis of its success – qualities embodied by each member of its 60-strong workforce.


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