Firewall, VPN and remote access

A modern firewall security solution does more than just protect your network. It also ensures a stable, secure connection between your locations and the cloud. The technologies protect your network against advanced and zero-day threats and offer granular access control. Centralised management enables secure access to all resources from anywhere in the world.

Secure communication in increasingly complex networks Your network communication is secure, but does it meet other requirements?

Every business needs to protect its network but now, more than ever, it also has to provide its employees with a secure connection from outside, for working off-site or from home for example. With the integration of cloud workloads and the internet of things (IoT), business networks are growing day by day and find themselves facing totally new security challenges – which in turn have an increasing impact on the core business of many companies.

This calls for a comprehensive and easily manageable solution that ensures that all of your business resources are optimally protected and delivering high-performance and availability at all times.


We secure your network all around

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Secure Network

Your network is protected on-site and in the cloud, thanks to flexible delivery variants – whether as a physical or virtual appliance or in the form of a cloud-based solution. Your valuable OT/IoT instances are also integrated into a comprehensive security concept.
Tried-and-trusted firewall technologies such as intrusion prevention, web filtering and malware scanners work hand-in-hand with intelligent advanced threat protection mechanisms such as code analysis and sandboxing. Together they create multi-layer protection against all types of attack, even in SSL-encrypted traffic. And all of this with granular control.
The result is a secure network from site to cloud to IoT.

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Optimised connectivity

Popular cloud-based services often have high network performance requirements. Get the most out of your network – with intelligent functions for traffic management and highly resilient VPN technology. It starts with user detection and rights-based usage profiles for web resources and applications. It includes selecting the best links for specific applications (application-based link selection). And with fully integrated SD-WAN and WAN optimisation, you ensure the best possible access to each business resource at all times. You can forget cost-intensive increases in leased line bandwidth and MPLS, which leads to genuine savings.
Integrating remote users via zero-trust network access allows the implementation of a universal secure access service edge (SASE).
Also available as a global secure SD-WAN service, built natively on Microsoft Azure.

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Management and scalability

Networks and applications are subject to rapid change. Centralised management enables you to make modifications to your entire infrastructure with very little effort – whether you are running one firewall or one thousand. Hardware can be rolled out to remote sites using zero-touch deployment, with no need for qualified IT specialists to travel in person. Event monitoring, reporting and powerful maintenance tools at a centralised location enable you to keep an overview at all times, with minimal effort.

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