Network detection and response

AI-driven network detection and response – finding and stopping threats to your business.

Are you in control of your network or is it in control of you?

Network detection and response is the fastest and most efficient way to find and stop unwanted events in your network. Deep learning technologies find anomalies, however new the attacker’s approach may be. We help you keep the upper hand in your network.


We secure your network all around

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Reduces risks

It is important to retain full visibility of the network at all times, without having to spend 24 hours a day threat hunting. Machine learning and AI can effectively combat a whole range of security issues. With networks permanently monitored and suspicious events automatically detected, evaluated and prioritised, the experts can focus on the truly serious threats and introduce countermeasures.
Sleep sound in the knowledge that someone is looking after your network.

Efficient protection

Businesses should not rely solely on signature-based and inflexible security methods. Instead, they need to turn their attention to new, smart security models. These combine intelligence and comprehensive protection and can uncover the threats that pose the greatest risk. This approach picks up all the phases of a threat, including command and control, botnet monetisation, internal reconnaissance, lateral movement and data exfiltration. Choose an intelligent solution – we can help!


You can only achieve GDPR compliance with the right technology and the right processes. Our solution helps you protect your data and reduce the amount of time it would normally take to work through compliance checklists. Each event in the network can be retraced over a long period of time and analysed in depth.

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Our AI was developed by an award-winning team of data scientists and security experts. We take a holistic view of security, capturing rich network metadata, enriching it with security intelligence gained through machine learning, and using it for all your detection and response application scenarios.

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