Privileged access management

Would you like to secure, provision and manage privileged identities? Would you like to have control over access to sensitive systems?


Privileged access management (PAM) manages, protects and monitors privileged accounts. The goal is to reduce the access opportunities available to attackers and make life difficult for cybercriminals. Our experts help you conceptually design and integrate efficient PAM. We rely on high-quality solutions such as One Identity, CyberArk and Thycotic. Our employees have both the appropriate training and the practical experience of using the solutions in the international and heterogeneous corporate environment.

Our PAM services are aimed at companies that use privileged accounts such as administrators – that’s almost all SMEs and corporations.





      Rapid implementation

      The simple introductory process means that PAM environments can be installed and prepared for use in just a few days

      High level of security

      Protects privileged accounts and logs access. This permits minimal-effort protection against account abuse

      Can be adapted as needed

      PAM implementations can be customised to meet individual needs and secure any environment from SMEs to large enterprises.

      Privileged access management

      Privileged access management is becoming increasingly topical and important due to modern threats in the IT environment. When it comes to IT, it’s vital to have a ‘better safe than sorry’ attitude because the problems that occur can quickly become uncontrollable.

      We operate in the PAM environment as a Thycotic Certified Partner. Our employees have both the appropriate training and several years of practical experience of using Thycotic’s Secret Server in the international and heterogeneous corporate environment.

      Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation or presentation if you’re affected by one of the problems in the PAM environment!

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      Range of services

      • Consulting
      • Workshops 
      • Proof of Concept
      • Implementations with the likes of
        • Setting key policy rules
        • Controlling access to privileged accounts • Initiating and monitoring privileged sessions
        • Managing application and service credentials
      • PAM maturity assessment
      • Managed services 
      • Upgrades
      • Migrations

      Vendors & Certifications

      Pioneering products and solutions from the world’s leading vendors

      Partner Logo_SITS Website_Delinea_Thycotic
      Partner Logo_SITS Website_Delinea_Thycotic

      Delinea (formerly thycotic)

      Formed from the merger of PAM market leaders Thycotic and Centrify, Delinea focuses on removing complexity and defining the boundaries of privileged access.

      Delinea’s solutions enable access to an organisation’s most critical data, devices, code and cloud infrastructure from a centralised dashboard. Users get access when and where they need it, for as long as it takes to get the job done. Delinea provides greater flexibility, productivity and security.

      CyberArk Software
      CyberArk Software

      CyberArk Software

      Today, privileged user accounts, such as administrator accounts, represent one of the biggest security issues for any organisation: whether in the hands of an external hacker or a disgruntled employee, a privileged account gives an attacker full control over all the organisation’s IT assets, allowing them to strike directly at the heart of the business. CyberArk’s modular platform is the industry’s most comprehensive security solution for privileged user accounts, delivering effective and proactive protection against cyber attacks before critical systems and sensitive data are affected.

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