The RSA SecurID suite combines multi-factor authentication with identity governance and lifecycle functions to address the security challenges associated with providing convenient access to dynamic user populations in complex IT environments. The solution evaluates risk and business context to provide identity and access protection.

RSA SecurID – identity and access management

RSA SecurID enables companies of all sizes to minimize identity risk and maintain compliance without compromising user productivity. The solution ensures that users have appropriate access and offers a modern and convenient way to confirm people are who they say they are.



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    Modern authentication

    Provide your users with convenient and secure access.

    Access and single sign-on (SSO)

    Connect to any on-premises or cloud resources.

    Identity governance and lifecycle

    Prioritize access decisions and ensure that users have secure, swift access to necessary applications.

    RSA SecurID

    swiss it security

    RSA SecurID is a two-factor authentication solution. The user must know a password and have a token to be able to digitally identify themselves. The token generator generates a new security token every minute in the form of a six-digit number, which is provided by the RSA Authentication Manager based on the same algorithm used for the corresponding host/service.

    When selecting user tokens, companies are free to choose between:

    • RSA software tokens for the most popular desktop and mobile operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Apple iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Android).
    • RSA SecurID hardware token with a keychain design.

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