Secure digitalisation

Regardless of the size or scope, modern digitalisation projects must consider both the people who benefit from the solutions, and the issue of data protection.

Secure digitalisation for companies and authorities

At the interface between data security and efficiency, we offer our clients coherent overall concepts that build on many years of experience while taking into account the specific concerns of the client. Ongoing and evolving operations are always part of a coherent overall concept.

Today, it is almost impossible to imagine a company or public authority functioning without digitalised internal processes and smooth communication with their customers or employees. At the same time, more (personal) data is being processed automatically all the time. This means that the issues of IT security and data protection are a part of every digitisation project, which calls for ‘secure digitalisation’. Companies and public authorities consider us to be the ideal partner for the secure and legally compliant implementation of digitalisation projects, including support for future operation.



Speaking the language

Thanks to many years of experience, we speak the ‘language’ of authorities and enterprises, and we are familiar with their organisation, processes and legal requirements.

Integrated data protection and security

Integrating aspects of IT security, data protection and other requirements from project initiation to completion – for us, digitalisation and security go hand in hand.

Many years of experience

Experience in the implementation of large digitalisation projects at large companies and with federal and state authorities over many years.

Consulting services for secure digitalisation projects cover the entire process cycle – strategic consulting and situation and requirements analysis, concrete project planning and implementation, and quality assurance according to international standards. Competent and future-oriented consulting has to be as flexible and up-to-date as the constantly evolving technologies in question. So as well as the exclusive deployment of our specialists, our expertise is based on the experience and knowledge that come with foresight and a comprehensive approach.

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