SEPPmail – Secure Email Gateway

The Secure Email Gateway from SEPPmail is a gateway-based signature and encryption solution designed to easily protect an entire company’s electronic communications.

Security and trustworthiness in email communication

Companies protect their business data against third-party attacks or access by using firewall, anti-spam, antivirus and one-time password solutions. Nevertheless, business-critical information is still sent unsecured and openly by email. Clients, service providers and business partners expect secure and encrypted communication channels when exchanging sensitive data.



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    100% security

    Send sensitive information, quotes and data to business partners in complete security from the standard email system.

    Seamless integration

    The solution can be quickly and easily integrated into the IT infrastructure and works almost invisibly for the end user.

    Image and trustworthiness

    When emails are sent, the digital signature is a sign of quality and indicates to the recipient that both the sender and the contents of the email are genuine and haven’t been modified.

    SEPPmail – Secure Email Gateway

    SEPPmail’s multi-award-winning Secure Email Gateway stands out thanks to its unrivalled functionality, simplicity and flexibility. Above all else, the integrated and patented GINA technology impressively enables anyone to spontaneously encrypt emails. Banks, insurance companies, lawyers, authorities and the medical sector all secure their electronic business traffic with SEPPmail’s Secure Email Gateway. Stability, performance, availability, functionality and convenience are just some of the impressive features that this successful Swiss product has to offer.

    We provide

    • Automatic encryption and decryption of emails in the background without any user intervention.
    • The gateway supports common encryption standards such as S/MIME, OpenPGP, TLS, SSL, etc.
    • Integrated public key infrastructure (PKI).
    • Guaranteed authenticity and validity since outbound emails are automatically signed.
    • Seamless integration into the existing IT environment through connection to existing LDAP/AD systems.
    • High availability due to clustering and the best possible performance thanks to active load balancing.
    • The gateway uses patented technologies to send secure emails to recipients who do not have software or a key.
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