Spam and content filtering

Do you want to make sure that only legitimate email communications reach your environment? Would you like to increase efficiency by filtering out irrelevant and harmful content as soon as it’s received?

Anti-spam and email hygiene

Email hygiene systems can be integrated into environments of any size, from SMEs to major enterprises, and are an integral component in preventing security incidents.

We help you check one of the most important methods of communication, email, for harmful content and prevent unwanted email campaigns like spam and phishing.
Our engineers help you and your company implement email hygiene for spam and content filtering to make sure that only email with legitimate content is sent to your employees.
We will develop a plan for set-up and integration into your environment and support you all the way through from kick-off to operation, including troubleshooting.


Full control

Rules and characteristics can be used to specify exactly what kind of content reaches the environment and employees. Freely configurable categories can be used to choose which topics are acceptable. Outgoing messages can also be blocked by DLP rules to prevent sensitive information from leaving the environment.

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Prevent infections and attacks

Attachments with macros and malware for phishing and ransomware attacks are inspected for specific properties upon receipt and screened out if desired using the cloud. Links in messages are manipulated and removed based on their reputation. There are many ways to improve email hygiene so that your employees can focus on what matters.

Flexible integration

Since standard protocols can be used, only the flow of mail needs to be adjusted. Anti-spam and content filtering systems can be integrated seamlessly into almost any environment. A huge variety of options are available for deploying the systems. These include on premises as hardware and virtual appliances, or in the cloud.

Anti-spam and content filtering

Whether you’re migrating or starting afresh doesn’t matter. We implement customised email hygiene that meets all requirements for the long haul, with an eye on the future.

Changes and disruptions crop up day-to-day and create a high workload. SITS offers managed services so you no longer have to worry about running your solution. You receive a full one-stop service.

Do you have new requirements or want to treat specific communications differently?
Our SITS security engineers analyse your implemented solution and optimise it according to the manufacturer’s best practices.

Unexpected disruptions can happen at any time. SITS offers an on-call service that monitors the functioning of your email gateways around the clock – so you can sleep easily. If an issue crops up, rapid action is taken to safeguard the stability of your email.

Whether it’s a software update or other new developments – SITS stays in constant contact with manufacturers to keep the latest trends and threats on the radar and act rapidly on behalf of you and your company network.


Secure business secrets, personal data and information using strong encryption based on industry standards. Unauthorised administrators, infrastructure managers, and others can’t view your information.

Harmful content

Harmful content in emails in the form of attachments (malware and ransomware) is checked on various levels when the message is received. Cloud computing is used to compare a hash of the file with a database to prevent infections.

URL Filter

URLs in emails and attachments are validated by reputation and, if necessary, removed or rewritten. This is a simple method to prevent users from falling for phishing campaigns.

Phishing Prevention

When the message is received, the sender and the sending mail server are validated using a barrage of tests. Secure yourself and your communication partners against phishing campaigns using SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. Malicious content is removed from the messages.



Rules can be used to differentiate the treatment of messages for specific domains and users.


Regardless of the peripheral systems in use, Cisco ESA can be implemented in the infrastructure – whether in the cloud or on site in the data centre.


An email hygiene system can enhance content checking with a variety of systems (such as Checkpoint Sandblast) and screen out malicious attachments.

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Video Cisco ESA

The video provides a rough overview of the areas that can be covered with Cisco ESA to secure email as the most important communication medium.

Cisco Email Security

The document contains an overview of all topics related to e-mail security offered in connection with the ESA.

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Cisco Systems, Inc. is a leading global technology manufacturer in comprehensive data centre, network and security solutions, with a subsidiary in Switzerland.

As a Preferred Partner, we have worked with Cisco for more than 20 years in fields ranging from data centre (data centre network, rack server, blade server), enterprise networking, WLAN and collaboration to security (endpoint security, DNS security, email security).

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