IT security review

Reviewing existing security infrastructures, developing optimization and consolidation approaches and preparing a weighted action plan with recommendations for future implementations.

IT security infrastructures are regularly adapted to changing threat scenarios.

Against this backdrop, it is absolutely essential that operators of such infrastructures regularly review compliance with defined IT security standards, guidelines and policies.
As a company specialising exclusively in IT security, we carry out such checks as part of an IT security review. Experts with many years of experience interview the key individuals involved, review documents/systems, evaluate and document vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for action.



Scaling down security loopholes

Experts uncover previously unrecognized and often security-related problems during the IT security review.

An opportunity to cut costs

We explore consolidation and centralization approaches.

Introduction of best practices

Conformity and improvements to IT security are achieved by implementing best practices.

Typical phases of our IT security review:

swiss it security

On-site workshop

  • Examining the IT security infrastructure together
  • Comparing existing intrusion prevention mechanisms with current attack vectors with regard to relevance, features, management functionality, etc.
  • Exploring consolidation or centralisation approaches
swiss it security


  • Written documentation listing problems
  • Proposing solutions
  • Formulating a weighted action plan (short-term, medium-term, long-term)
swiss it security


  • Presenting the results in a personal discussion
  • Discussing the recommendations for action with decision-makers
  • Providing a basis for making strategic and budget-related decisions in future

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