Vulnerability scan

Technical vulnerability scans provide you with an overview of the configuration of your IT systems and web applications, and highlight potential points of attack. They are essential when it comes to preserving information security.

Which businesses and organisations would benefit from a vulnerability scan?

In principle, any type of business could use a vulnerability scan to identify security loopholes.



Detailed reports of identified vulnerabilities

From top management to developer – tailored reports of conducted analyses

History of results when establishing scans as a process

Continuously monitor the security status of your critical applications and systems

Increase your IT security by prioritising measures

When implementing measures, focus your attention on the vulnerabilities deemed most critical

Vulnerability scan for your networks and websites

Detect and prevent vulnerabilities

Our Security Audit investigates your systems and applications for potential vulnerabilities. We scan your network from outside and in. Our security consultants will discuss the results with you in detail. They will also assess the identified vulnerabilities and can assist with debugging on request.

Establish this security scan as a regular process within your business to reap maximum benefit. This has the advantage of providing you with a long-term picture of flagged and closed vulnerabilities. These can be plotted in a report and compared over specified periods of time.

Early detection and elimination of technical vulnerabilities

To meet protection targets, it is vital to have an up-to-date overview of technical vulnerabilities

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Scope of a vulnerability scan

Investigation of web applications and network-enabled devices for technical vulnerabilities

Evaluating the scan provides an overview of information and vulnerabilities visible to ‘anyone’ outside your organisation

A vulnerability scan can be used to test reporting channels within your IT department

  • Detailed analysis and evaluation of the findings
  • Assistance with eliminating the identified vulnerabilities

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