fideAS® file enterprise

fideAS® file enterprise ensures totally transparent and adaptable protection for sensitive data throughout your business – irrespective of where it is stored.

Which businesses and organisations would benefit
from our file encryption solution?

fideAS® file enterprise is used in a diverse range of sectors. Our file encryption solution is aimed at all businesses and organisations that store sensitive data on their file server.


Your advantages when using our
file encryption

Company-wide protection for sensitive data

Encryption for any data repository, particularly cloud storage

Totally transparent approach for 100% protection

No changes to end user workflows

Flexible and needs-based protection levels

Access and action permissions based on confidentiality

Our file encryption solution
for your data security

fideAS® file enterprise is a user-friendly solution for company-wide protection of sensitive data.

In today’s businesses, electronically stored data can be found in a wide range of locations, from traditional PCs, laptops and file servers to mobile devices, memory sticks and the cloud. The importance of confidentiality also varies according to the data.

Promotional material generally requires lower levels of protection than personnel data or research and development documents. As a result, broad brush solutions to protect data confidentiality – hard drive encryption, for example – are no longer enough. To provide effective protection for your business’ most important asset, you need a solution that adapts according to protection requirements and works irrespective of storage location.

Whether you want to replace an existing solution or introduce an encryption solution for the first time, fideAS® file enterprise is quick to install and simple to use. Its transparent operation means that your users can continue to work as normal. And your administrator can decide whether to automate administrative tasks with the aid of the software or control them via a GUI.

Secure collaboration in teams

When people work together on strategic projects, they inevitably produce confidential documents. Share these selectively without disclosing sensitive content. fideAS® file enterprise offers a targeted, effective and simple way to protect your shared data.

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Key capabilities of our file encryption solution

  • Flexible assignment: User – Group – Directory
  • Staff changes can be implemented on an ad hoc basis
  • Choice of protection levels for directories
  • Central setting and implementation of protection level
  • Quick and efficient configuration through high degree of automation
  • Absolute transparency for your employees
  • File encryption is not dependent on storage location
  • Supports any cloud storage system
  • Encryption of Microsoft® SharePoint® content
  • Needs-based role separation in administration
  • Supports key media with various security levels
  • Comprehensive packages, from disaster management to delta encryption

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Applied Security GmbH (known as ‘apsec’ for short) is one of Germany’s top 15 companies in the field of information security. apsec’s proprietary software products and consultancy services ensure all-round protection for your business.

Trust forms the foundation of a successful collaborative relationship. apsec’s professionalism, reliability and transparency has earned the company the trust of all of its clients. These are the qualities that are the basis of its success – qualities embodied by each member of its 60-strong workforce.


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