fideAS® mail

fideAS® mail is a transparent, demand-oriented solution, designed to protect all your business email communication – at no additional cost.

Which businesses and organisations would benefit from our email encryption solution?

fideAS® mail is used in a diverse range of sectors. Any business or organisation that sends sensitive content (including large files) by email would benefit from fideAS® mail.



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    Secure communication with any recipient

    Immediate – no prior exchange of information required and no need for the recipient to install the software

    Secure transfer of large data volumes

    Enables protected transfer of files that are too large to send by email

    Watertight proof of trustworthiness

    Thanks to the emails’ digital signature

    Secure communication with fideAS® mail

    Keep your communication secure with our email encryption solution

    The products of the fideAS® mail suite tackle known and unknown communication issues in the field of secure email communication. The instant messaging programs used by private individuals and company employees ensure that their communications are secure and encrypted. With fideAS® mail, you can achieve the same level of protection for the data your business sends via email, giving you a consistent level of protection whichever communication channel you use.

    Secure transfer of large files

    Every day, employees are faced with the issue of transferring files, such as databases, images, videos or print files, that are often too big to be sent by conventional email. Our large file transfer solution uses GINA technology for the bi-directional exchange of oversized files. The data remains on the device for a specified period of time, waiting to be collected. It can be sent easily via an Outlook plug-in or web interface.

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    Key capabilities of our email encryption solution

    • Recipient does not need a key or software
    • Simple collection of the encrypted message via an internet browser
    • Security without fuss
    • Central definition of rules to protect confidential content
    • Simple, efficient configuration
    • Users require no induction or orientation
    • Confidentiality classified directly in Outlook
    • Protection controlled via keywords in the subject line
    • Protected transfer of large volumes of data
    • Gateway solution, designed to run on-premises
    • SaaS, IaaS and managed service implementation

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    Vendors & Certifications

    Pioneering products and solutions from the world’s leading vendors

    SEPPmail & SwissSign
    SEPPmail & SwissSign

    SEPPmail & SwissSign

    The SEPPmail Secure Email Gateway, a Swiss product, enhances data protection in electronic information exchange via email by enabling messages to be signed and encrypted automatically. SEPPmail supports compliance requirements such as EU DPD, SOX, PCI, Basel III, GLBA and HIPAA, reducing the risk of fines. With SEPPmail, trusted SwissSign certificates can be requested and managed automatically. SEPPmail can also be used as a rule engine for secure communication with Swiss Post’s IncaMail solution.


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