IT data protection

A data protection management system following the requirements set out in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) is essential for protecting personal data and meeting regulatory requirements.

Who does the EU GDPR apply to?

The EU GDPR essentially applies to all companies headquartered in the EU. It also applies to all companies that either have an EU subsidiary or process the personal data of EU citizens.



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    Technical and organisational measures

    Defining and documenting the required technical and organisational measures (Art. 25 of the EU GDPR)

    Documentation requirements

    Creating and maintaining documents and processes as required by the EU GDPR

    Incorporating an existing ISMS

    Connecting different management systems and benefiting from shared structures and processes

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    Services for implementing data protection requirements

    Reviewing your current level of EU GDPR compliance by answering a few questions

    A workshop to identify the current state of your data protection management system and potential improvements

    Using the results of the data protection check-up as a basis, we will work with you to implement a suitable data protection management system

    If you have already implemented an ISIS12-compliant ISMS, we will enhance this based on the EU GDPR. We are also happy to set up both these systems in parallel

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