Check Point Web application firewall

A secure web gateway protects companies from online security threats and infections by enforcing corporate policies and filtering internet-linked data traffic.

Web application firewall

 Secure web gateways between users and the Internet provide advanced network protection by checking web requests against corporate policies to ensure malicious applications and websites are blocked and no longer accessible. A secure web gateway incorporates key security technologies such as URL filtering, application control, data loss prevention, antivirus and HTTPS inspection to provide companies with strong web security.

The web application firewall forms an integral part of Check Point’s next-generation firewall.




Protection across the entire IT infrastructure: networks, the cloud, endpoints, the IoT and mobile devices

Threat prevention

Real-time threat prevention against known and unknown threats, using the most advanced threat prevention and zero-day technologies


Uniform security management, complete automation and seamless integration

Functions web application firewall

HTTPS inspection: HTTPS inspection scans and secures SSL-encrypted data traffic passing through the gateway.
URL filtering: Internet traffic is either prevented or granted depending on the URL category, users, groups or computers.
Application control: application control allows administrators to create detailed user-based web security policies to identify, block or restrict the use of web applications and widgets.
Antivirus: antivirus uses real-time virus signatures to proactively stop threats in HTTP traffic.
SandBlast Network: powerful sandbox solutions and AI technologies (on-premises or in the cloud) prevent current cyber threats (zero-day protection).
Data loss prevention: data loss prevention offers your company preventative protection against accidental loss of valuable and sensitive information by monitoring data movement and adhering to compliance regulations and standards that are customary in the industry.

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Check Point Infinity

A consolidated cybersecurity architecture

provides companies and organizations with the most comprehensive suite of security products for real-time protection against multi-vector cyber attacks across all networks, devices, cloud instances and mobile instances.

protection against advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero-day malware based on real-time sandboxing, anti-ransomware and anti-bot technologies, and integrated, real-time and cloud-based threat intelligence and machine learning to identify new threats.

the most technologically advanced firewall, intrusion prevention and application control support networks of all sizes – from branch offices to global corporations. Our IT security services cover private and public cloud installations too.

advanced threat prevention for security in public, private and hybrid clouds, software-defined networking (SDN) environments, with micro-segmentation to control east-west traffic (packet transfer from one server to another) within a cloud.

malware prevention on mobile iOS and Android devices, identification of malicious rogue network connections, secure containers, data protection and document encryption, plus enterprise mobility management (EMM) integration.

anti-ransomware for known and unknown ransomware, data protection and seamless document encryption, browser security, fully integrated endpoint protection suite and security forensics.

a uniform security management environment supports multi-device, multi-domain and multi-admin management; total threat transparency to assist data acquisition, correlation and attack analyses, and reporting tools for compliance and audits.

real-time security updates (ThreatCloud), software updates, hardware maintenance, 24/7 support and maintenance, optional training, professional on-premises services, consulting workshops, security audits and incident response.

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