ISMS – Information security management system

Organisationally sound IT security for the long term is best achieved with an information security management system (ISMS). The ISMS is a collection of processes, procedures and rules for controlling information security over the long term and keeping it on an appropriately high level.

I am about to introduce an information management system

Medium-sized enterprises that want to introduce an information security management system or are generally interested in the question of information security risks will find in us a reliable partner who can offer suitable help.



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Practice-oriented approach that does not necessarily work towards a certification, but aims to quickly improve and continuously increase information security.

The Swiss IT Security Deutschland service at a glance

Swiss IT Security Deutschland helps to set up and develop information security management systems

Why ISMS? An ISMS ensures


security goals are set out in writing and include associated plans and processes, technical instructions and protocols,


an annual plan-do-check-act cycle, and so ultimately


the systematic monitoring and improvement of IT security.

The Swiss IT Security Deutschland model concept

The DIN ISO/IEC 27001 standard or the BSI standard 200-1 form a reliable basis for an ISMS. But initially, a company usually doesn’t possess the required experience, so it makes sense to call in the Swiss IT Security Deutschland experts. The ISMS is made feasible for SMEs thanks to the Swiss IT Security Deutschland model concept: O: Organisational guidelines P: Process descriptions for security management and risk analysis I: Individual risk assessments for assets in specific security scenarios using the action checks stipulated in the standard S: Introduction of a software tool to support the ISMS (optional) An outcome supported by the ISMS is the conscious management and reduction of risks. This holistic view ensures better coordination of security measures and avoids gaps and overlaps. Not least, it ensures the fulfilment of legal and contractual requirements.

Security consulting

Swiss IT Security Deutschland has defined three modules to ease the path into consulting, but still to provide the perfect support where there is a complete information security management system.


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