Secure web access

Nowadays, there is a bigger risk of infection from viruses, phishing and similar on the internet than via email. Even ostensibly trustworthy websites can be compromised, which means that just one click on a website on your computer is sometimes all it takes to harm the entire company network (drive-by download).

Secure web access

Nowadays, every digital workspace needs secure web access. Whether your focus is on protecting minors, such as apprentices, or blocking phishing attempts and malware sites, secure web access offers appropriate protection.



Whether it's a managed web proxy or a built-in UTM firewall, we offer easy integration of secure web access.


Constant updates of threats ensure continuous protection for your workplace.


Whether as a highly accessible cloud proxy or as a built-in UTM firewall, secure web access stands out thanks to constant availability and stable access.

Browse the web with full protection.

As part of our managed security services, we run many installations for our clients. Typically, we first take note of specific requirements and match them with our operating expertise. As such, the products and services listed here are just a sample of our portfolio. We look forward to answering your queries. We provide our managed security services on site at the client’s premises or in our highly secure data centre with professional operating features and agreed service levels (SLA).
The proxy server can be used as a standard element of network security. It operates as an intermediary between the user, or more specifically their browser, and the unsecured internet. It makes the user ‘invisible’ behind the proxy. The Swiss IT Security Deutschland proxy allows a variety of additional security services to be set up, such as access restrictions, URL filters and anti-virus protection. The proxy then becomes a security gateway. In modern firewall systems (see also UTM firewalls, application-level firewalls), a proxy can be integrated or the protection requirement met in a different way.
When browsing and downloading content online, it’s easy to stumble across a virus-infected web server, even with otherwise legitimate content. Thus, this method of communication also requires protection from viruses, Trojans and other malware. As ever, the protection should reach as far ahead as possible from the user’s own end system and must be kept up to date through professional operation.
In addition to detecting and protecting against malware during download (see anti-virus protection above), web addresses (websites) can also be classified as harmful/safe, etc. This is done by a URL filter that blocks access to undesirable content immediately. These may be harmful websites or violation of compliance with internet use by employees. The Cyren URL filter used by Swiss IT Security Deutschland works with special recognition accuracy and real-time protection. It even identifies deep links to underlying sub-sites.
A next-generation firewall (see also application-level firewall) allows you to monitor unwanted applications; e.g. block Skype, allow Teams, but block ports.
Authentication is an essential identity check, particularly in the secure connection of mobile or home offices to the company network. Authentication can be performed with the conventional password process or – even better – strong two-factor authentication. A security token ensures that only authorised users gain access.
User-based authentication blocks or releases functions based on membership of a group with the same permissions. The information is matched using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP); for instance, through the Microsoft Active Directory Service. The credentials can also be linked with a single sign-on (SSO) agent to make it easy to share permissions. User-based control is required in particular when different user groups work on the same devices (e.g. terminal servers).

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Our products enable you to protect all the endpoints in your network – laptops, virtual desktops, servers, internet and email traffic, and mobile devices. Protection is provided by products tailored to your specific needs. In securing your network, we offer what no one else can: simplicity.

Palo Alto Networks
Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks

The network security platform from Palo Alto Networks enhances the visibility of applications, users and content, reduces the attack surface and protects networks and systems from known and unknown threats. The platform includes solutions for decentralised organisations, for perimeter protection and for the virtualised data centre – from hardware-based and virtualised firewalls and centralised management to the ‘WildFire’ cloud, which identifies and blocks unknown threats. The unique single-pass architecture with function-specific hardware support guarantees high performance.



The SonicWall Capture Cloud Platform seamlessly integrates security, management, analytics and real-time threat intelligence across the company’s portfolio of network, email, mobile and cloud security products. This approach enables our complete portfolio of high-performance hardware, virtual appliances and clients to harness the power, agility and scalability of the cloud.



genua GmbH ensures the IT security of digital infrastructures in complex, critical or regulated environments. In a dynamic and networked world, we make a contribution to the ability of companies and public organizations to act as well as to their sovereignty. We thereby ensure that the opportunities that this world offers can be used.

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